• Latex balloons are available in a rainbow of colors and a wide range of sizes and shapes: round, heart, geo blossom, geo donut and long modelling balloons.

• Latex printed balloons have designs for every occasion and are printed in different ways: only on one side, on two sides opposite each other, on all four sides, on all four sides plus the top and even with two different colours.

• Latex balloons comes as well in other styles: spray decorated (have a soft, hand-painted look), glitter decorated (have a unique print covered with glitter), glow in the dark (are printed with ink that lights up in the dark) and superagate balloons (they vary in colour and marbling due to unique production).

Balloons Fliers

Latex balloons most used in balloon décor

There are different types of latex balloons to choose for your design:

Round Balloon 16''

Round Balloon 11''

Balloon 11'' in a Balloon 16''

Balloon 9'' in a Balloon 11''

GEO Blossom

GEO Donut

Heart Balloon



Balloons bouquets are good gifts to express emotions and sentiments. They also look great to decorate tables and create floor displays.


Balloons columns can be customized to create spectacular displays that match the theme of the event. Use columns at the entrance to welcome your guests and to highlight important activity areas: dance floor, main tables etc.


Arch columns are two balloon columns linked together with an arch. This design is perfect to frame the entrance, important tables, the stage, a live band or disco etc. A large range of customized arch columns can be made to create a powerful effect that catches everyone's attention. 


Arches are a very effective way to decorate the entrance and are excellent as a backdrop to main tables, stage, live band, disco and other important areas.


Swags can be suspended from the ceiling, walls, stairways, balconies and wrapped around pillars to transform the location into a magic space.


Balloon Spirals are terrific designs to decorate entrance, tables, corners, dance floors etc. Spirals provide a very beautiful and elegant effect.


Topiary arrangements make a special display and are a unique way to decorate the entrance, personalise tables, highlight stage and dancefloor.


Cloud nines are really impressive and can be used alone or linked with tulle to create a stunning effect. Cloud nines are a lovely alternative to bouquets and arches.  


Gumballs are large round or heart transparent balloons filled with lots of smaller balloons. This original design create an effect that make people wonder how it was made. They are unique gifts and great for eyecatching decorations.


Canopies are a most spectacular way to create a wonderful and elegant decoration for dance floors, stages, entrances and more. They can easily be customized to individual tastes and chosen colors.


Balloons on the ceiling add colors and transform any space into a magic celebration.


Balloons sculptures create the ideal environment for a themed party. Special printed and decorated balloons are available for any of these events. Small balloons sculptures are great gifts to surprise and make someone happy.

Pacifiers for baby showers or welcoming a new baby.

Fish and octopuses for underwater themes and summer parties.

Flowers for mother's day, spring holidays and Valentine.

Carrots, icecreams and more food shaped sculptures to create unique displays, advertise and get people's attention.

Big and small trees for Christmas parties and winter holidays.

Hot air balloons and many more ...


You can also customize your balloons with little extras that will make your gifts and events unique.


There is as well a selection of bases to make balloons bouquets, arches, topiaries, cloud nines and gumballs more creative.